Thursday, January 26, 2017

A lot has changed

Hadley is already almost a year old. Her birthday will be on the 8th of February. We are so excited when she hits new milestones, but then again it makes me sad because I want her to stay my baby forever. She is walking and running, getting herself off the couch, and doing everything that she sees Briar and I do (Briar will be annoying and play with my stomach fat, and then once he is done Hadley will start doing the same thing!) She is also starting to talk more. She says "hi" and sometimes "mom" and "dad." She also can stick her tongue out. It is the best thing seeing her grow into her little personality. I am so blessed to be her mom. Motherhood is definitely not easy, but it is the best thing ever! Mama loves you Hadders!

A lot has changed for our family these last couple months. First off we are no longer living in Forest Grove, Oregon. Our house was listed for less than 2 days and we sold it. We sold and closed our house in less than a month. Everything happened so quickly. It was definitely an emotional time for us, because we did love that home. Forest Grove was a great place for us. We lived in a cute neighborhood, that was not too far from the grocery store. Forest Grove is about an hour from the coast and about 45 minutes from Portland depending on traffic. We loved the drive out there, open fields and beautiful trees. It was a treat to spend a small portion of our lives out there. We have moved back to the Columbia Basin, which has been amazing. We love being so close to family. surprisingly, it has been more difficult then I thought adjusting to country life even though Briar and I are both from the country. The drive to the grocery store is a difficult one for me to make, but I am sure I will get use to it again soon!

Briar stopped working for Nike due to a huge hiring freeze. Unfortunately because of this, Briar was unable to find a full-time job with them. Thankfully, Andersen organics in Othello had an opening as a corporation manager, and Briar was able to fill that position. We feel really blessed for how everything has worked out. We know the Lord has been watching over us and we know he has been listening and answering our prayers.

I am currently staying at home and taking care of Hadley while I wait for my license to come in. Being a stay at home mom has been wonderful. I love being home with Hadley and seeing her learn and grow.

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